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Paul Osborne's Ear Cleaning Machine

Ideal for the kid show performer, this beautifully decorated prop features the vanishing head, plus a comical production with no politically incorrect daggers or torches.

The effect begins with the magician selecting a child from the audience who may need to have their ears cleaned. (Use your favorite method.) They arrive on stage and are seated. A strange looking box is slid over their head and they are locked in. A long Q-Tip is shown and slid into the side of the box (and the child’s ear) but wait-there seems to be some type of blockage?! The Q-Tip is removed and the lid is opened. The magician removes some unsavory items from the child’s head; a rubber brick, a sock, a rubber chicken, a Pop Tart and a rubber snake. Now we should have clean ears! Sure enough the Q-Tip is again inserted and goes all the way through! “Let’s check him out” The front panel is removed and OOPS! His head is missing! “Looks like we did too good a job!” The front panel is put back in place, some magic words are spoken and the box is taken away and our young volunteer is safe and sound with clean ears and head restored!……………$325.00 plus additionl shipping.