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Arrowhead Illusion

Originated by the Abbott company, Arrowhead has it all. The effect is such that a young lady is selected from the audience, a tray is put around her neck and an Indian themed box with its lid is then put on top of the tray, covering her head. Two doors in the front of the box are opened to allow one final look at the young lady. Doors are closed and instantly one dozen actual steel-tipped arrows are inserted from all sides of the box. What has become of her head? Lets look. Doors are openedÖitís gone! Only the shafts of the 12 arrows are seen.

Quickly the arrows are removed, a magical pass, the doors are opened and the girlís head has been returned to her neck. And to further prove that fact, the box, its top and bottom are removed, and the young assistant is returned to her seat. Donít miss this plan if you want a powerful illusion that works under any condition, can be carried under your arm, is easy to perform with no mirrors and can be constructed in a matter of days, this is your prop!


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