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Arm Amputation

The staqe is dimly lit as the magician enters with his assistant. The powers of hypnotism are explained by the miracle worker as he slowly puts his assistant under his spell. She is guided back to a wicked-looking buzz saw and sits at its side. Her right arm is extended, prepared and sterilized. She lays it to rest on a small stand located on the table. Her arm is held in place by two chrome shackles. The buzz saw is started and is slowly guided through her wrist, then slid over and guided through her upper arm. The severed arm is now removed and displayed. The sight of her hand and upper arm resting on the table with the center section removed is an eerie sight. The magician gestures, and she is slowly brought out of her trance. He asks her to move her fingers. She does, yet when she looks down, she screams. Quickly, she is placed back in her trance, her arm replaced and covered. Once again, she is brought out of her trance, her arm uncovered and the chrome shackles removed. She has been restored!


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