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The Artist's Studio Illusion

This update of an old illusion features more bang for the buck with several additional effects that makes this more than just a prop, but instead, an act in and of itself. On a romantically lit stage the magician picks up a framed painting of a beautiful young woman that is resting on the floor, leaning against a small platform. The painting is put on an easel and he picks up some brushes to touch up the painting. Once done, he puts the brushes down and, making a wish, he lifts a cloth to briefly cover the easel. Quickly dropping the cloth, it appears as if the young lady has stepped from the painting, leaving only a white silhouette of where she once was as painted on the canvas. Taking her by the hand, he leads her over to a small table that has his paint supplies and a single rose in a vase. He picks the rose and vase up, covers it with a cloth and begins to hand it to her as it suddenly vanishes from under the cloth. Disappointed, he walks her over to a small platform that she steps up on. Again, he raises a cloth for only an instant and when the cloth is dropped she has vanished. Taking the cloth over to the easel he throws it at the silhouette painting, which instantly returns to the painting of her, but this time she is holding the vanished rose. A magical fantasy!


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