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Artist's Dream

Sometimes also called the "Frame of Life", this is a beautiful classic illusion presented by the greats of magic. On the stage sits an open framework. The audience can see behind and under it, proving that it is quite innocent. The magician shows a paper covered frame on both sides and places it in the framework. After donning an artist's smock and beret, he draws a picture that features flowers, doves, rainbows and a pretty girl in the frame. He instantly pulls forth flowers, doves and a rainbow streamer from the paper frame. Then, he touches the outline of the woman and she bursts through the paper frame! Don't let the black art method scare you. In our plan we give you a simple to construct and set up black art background. We also give you the art to pencil draw lightly on the paper frame before presentation. The entire illusion and backdrop is easy to build, fun to perform and will fit in your SUV.


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