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The Art of Rehearse

THE ART OF REHEARSE Compiled by Paul Osborne With a Foreword from: Gay Blackstone

Learn the secrets of selecting a magical effect,rehearsing it and putting it on stage from: David Oliver, Michael and Melanie Giles, Jade, Nick Lewin, Silly Billy, Aaron Crow, Dan Garrett, Charlie Frye, Trigg Watson, Richard Sherry, Dayle Krall, Ariann Black, Rand Woodbury, Mistie and Kyle Knight, Mike Bent,Diamond Jim Tyler, Tim St. John, Richard Osterlind, Ed Alonzo, Suzanne TheMagician, Adam Trent, Senor Rai, Bizzaro, Greg Gleason, Steve Cohen, Joe Romano, Levent, Todd Robbins, Michael Grandinetti, Josh Jay, Debbie Leifer, Kevin James, Michael Finney, Pop Hayden, Charlotte Pendragon, Paul Gertner, James Brandon and Jeff Hobson.