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Aztec Lady

One of Robert Harbinís lesser known miracles, but a miracle, nonetheless. Itís more than just an illusion. Like so many of Harbinís creations, itís a performance piece, not just a prop. Later within this plan we will give you Harbinís exact presentation, but for now, the basic effect is that a decorative upright cabinet is shown. Itís barely large enough for a young lady to stand within. It opens from the center from top to bottom and a young lady steps inside. Her wrists are tied above her shoulders within the cabinet sides. The illusion is now closed. A series of blades and panels are inserted into the prop that divides it and her into four distinct sections. Each section is slowly and methodically opened to show it (and her) divided into quarters. Small daggers are inserted into the sides. Perhaps she has vanished? No sooner said than done, the cabinet is reassembled, the panels and blades are removed, the cabinet is opened, the girlís wrists are untied and out she steps, unharmed! This terrific seldom seen prop is easy to build and can be performed up close and surrounded.


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