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The Battle of the Toy Soldiers

This classic magic illusion playlette has been updated for today's audiences, but still maintains all the magic and mystery of the original version. It's a magical story of the toy soldiers versus the bad guy. The magician plays the bad guy and dons the costume and giant head of the villain. He is thrown into the stockade as the toy soldiers build "The General". To do so they assemble their rifles upright on a thin base. A giant cartoon General head is placed on the tips of the rifles. The General's coat is then put on the assembly. Suddenly, by magic from nothing, the General comes to life and walks off the platform. The prisoner (magician) shoots at him from the stockade, but misses. The General aims a cannon at the prisoner (magician) and with its blast the prisoner (magician) instantly vanishes behind the stockade. Suddenly the General rips off his head and cloak to reveal himself as the magician! This is more than just an illusion, it's a bewildering exchange with a storyline that will entertain audiences of all ages and, of course, it's perfect for the Holiday season, but can play any time. We give you the plans for all the props and costumes, how to fabricate them all, as well as a script outline.


The Battle of the Soy Soldiers E-Plan eplan10$37.50