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Best Arm Choppers

These workshop plans give you the best of the best in arm choppers! The Disecto is probably the best known. The blade is shown to be solid by bringing it down onto a vegetable of choice. The victimís wrist is inserted and the blade is brought down again, cutting through the top carrot and the bottom carrot, but leaving the wrist intact! The French Arm Chopper is next up and this popular chopper gives the illusion of actually cutting through a volunteerís, or the performerís, hand with the hand dropping into the basket. Itís a real blade that can be examined and a real shocking effect to follow! The Nifty Little Chopper is an easy- to-build arm chopper that features a blade that can be shown up close and a front door on the prop for a view inside. Nothing suspiscious. A vegetable can even be cut by the blade, yet when the blade is raised, the wrist and carrot are put in and the blade is pushed down only the carrot is cut!

You wonít find these new plans anywhere else and we give you all the details you need in the two page scale drawings of these great effects!..........................................$29.00


Best Arm Choppers E-Plan BACEplan$39.00