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Blazing Head Chest/Head Twister

Two great illusionettes that can be easily built and we give you all the details, plus websites to locate the hard-to-find materials. THE BLAZING HEAD CHEST: An audience member is selected to join the magician on stage. They are seated and a mysterious chest is placed over their head, covering it completely. With a simple magical pass, the magic begins. A torch is introduced and set afire. The lid of the chest is raised and the torch is thrust in. Flames leap from the small cabinet, apparently engulfing the volunteerís (victimís) head. As if that is not enough, the torch is next thrust trough the center of the box. How is this possible? Simple! The head has disappeared! And to prove it, the front door is opened and a clear view is seen through the chest with the magician waving his hand behind to prove itís a clear view through. All is quickly reversed with the chest being removed from the volunteer, proving that all was just an illusion and no harm has come to the magicianís guest. THE HEAD TWISTER: The magicianís assistant is introduced and asked to have a seat. After some magical hypnotism, mystic chants and perhaps a miracle tonic or two to loosen her up, a strange looking contraption is brought out and put on her shoulders. Her head is clearly visible, however, when the top crank is turned first left then right, it is obvious she is more than loosened up! With one spin of the crank the head seems to totally rotate 360 degrees! Another turn the other way and her head seems to spin in the opposite direction! This is repeated several times. The ultimate in visual illusions! Once the contraption is removed, she is none the worse for the experience.


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