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The Boudoir of a Dancing Girl

Also known as the striptease illusion, this intriguing illusion is seldom seen, but is an amazing effect that lends itself to an interesting storyline. A tall cabinet resembling a dressing room is displayed. Within it is a small, three-legged table and a chair. Windows in the sides and back prove there are no double walls. Also, the base and top are very thin. After concluding a dance, one of your assistants enters the cabinet and lowers the roller shade. An interior light illuminates the action within as she begins to disrobe. Suddenly, as the magician begins another effect, one of the male assistants or a stooge from the audience sneaks up on stage and tries to peek into the dressing room when, suddenly, the roller shade flies up and the girl has vanished! We give you all the specifications to easily build this prop as well as an idea on how to update it for the times with a stripper pole and a contemporary interior. We also include details that will allow you to take the prop apart and stack it flat for travel.


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