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Box, Tray and Screen

One of the most sensational stage effects ever presented! On the stage rests a small, three-fold screen. On top of the screen is a tray with a box folded flat. The magician unfolds the box and its top is put in place. The box is then picked up and held by your assistant, or put on another table as the three-fold screen is folded flat or set aside. A magical pass is made, the top is opened and a giant production of silks, flowers, doves, rabbits or even a live chicken is made. As an extra bonus, we are including plans for the Classic Production, which is Abbott's variation on the Box, Tray and Screen, that can be presented by showing the box empty before or after setting it on the screen, yet it has a similar working. Both are simple to construct and hold a huge load.


Box, Tray and Screen E-Plan eplan18$37.50