Broom Suspension

Who could forget the memorable performances of this mystery by Richiardi or Siegfried and Roy? It's almost the perfect illusion. It can be performed close-up and surrounded, it's easy to carry and only two people are needed. The disadvantage is, of course, the bulkiness and problems caused by the apparatus. But, when one considers the effect of this marvelous prop, somehow the drawbacks disappear.

In preparation for the magic show, your assistant is seen sweeping up and generally making ready for the upcoming performance. Suddenly and unexpectedly, the magician enters and commands his assistant to stand on a small stool resting on an elongated platform. Quickly, the magician puts her in a trance and, as she begins to lean to the left, her broom is turned upside down and placed under one arm for support, and another broom is placed under the other arm. Completing his trance, the magician removes the tiny stool and she rests on the broom's straw 5" above the platform. A broom is removed...SHE IS SUSPENDED ON ONE BROOM! The magician delicately raises her to a position parallel to the ground, still resting only on one broom. Quickly, she is lowered, and the other broom and the stool are replaced. A snap of the fingers, she awakens, the brooms are removed and your assistant collects her well-deserved applause.

Our construction documents give you all the details of this fabulous prop.


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