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Buried Alive

Before his untimely death, Gary Ouellet and Paul Osborne exchanged many illusion ideas by FAX and in personal meetings. They were working on a book of illusions together . The Buried Alive concept was one that was discussed many times over. This plan reflects one version of this concept. Various versions of this basic design has been performed, improved on and embellished by leading magicians on TV and at special events. This is a mega escape that is ideal for a spectacular television appearance, or promotional event. Illusion Systems gives you the basic method and scale drawings that reflect all of the elements of this spectacular escape. The effect is as basic as the magician being put in a coffin that is welded shut. The coffin is lowered in a deep grave with dirt shoveled in until the coffin is completely covered, yet slowly and dramatically, the magician escapes!.$27.50


Buried Alive E-Plan buriedaliveeplan$37.50