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One of the most impressive grand stage illusions that you can perform is to shoot your assistant out of a cannon invisibly and have her reappear in a crystal case, a drum or somewhere in the audience. Paul Osborne's all new drawings give you three examples of the most popular cannons and their methods. This detailed, three page, giant series of plans fully describes the three most popular cannons,the Basic Cannon, the Thick Base Cannon and the Trap Cannon are all drawn and discussed in this plan. Combine these plans with one of our two Drum illusion designs, the Glass Box or any production illusion and you have a complete act! This is not a rehash of the Thayer plans that gives you no details, but instead is a complete study of the various cannons used by the most famous of magicians and how to build them, drawn in complete detail and to scale. Three pages plus instructions.


Cannons E-Plan eplan30$40.00