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Chinese Chopper

This illusion was created by Lester Lake and first introduced by Percy Abbott of the Abbott's Magic Company. What makes it different than other choppers is its unique themeing. In many respects it looks like an old Chinese torture device and, in many ways, it is. To demonstrate that the device is totally genuine, several vegetables are placed into the head stock and the blade is inserted, thrust downward, and chops them in half. Next, an audience member is selected and brought on stage. The stocks are opened, the participant kneels in position and the top stock is replaced and locked to the lower stock. At this point the blade is re-introduced, placed above the spectator's head and dramatically thrust downward, seemingly severing the audience member's head. But all is magically restored and the volunteer leaves the stage intact! This classic illusion plan is a must for your plan file. We have duplicated the original paint job and provided all the accurate measurements so you can easily build this nostalgic, but effective prop. We also give you all the details to break this illusion down so you can literally walk into backstage with it under your arm and it will easily fit in the backseat of your Volkswagen Beetle. It breaks down to a mere 4" x 21" x 31".


Chinese Chopper E-Plan eplan38$37.50