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Chinese Idol

This is a marvelous illusion for a father/daughter act! What could be more captivating than a father magically producing his daughter, then presenting her with bouquets of flowers? Well, this is what exactly happens.

A small, Chinese pagoda styled cabinet rests on a thin criss- crossed, see-through base. The cabinet has slots cut in the front so that all can see the cabinet is empty. A decorative panel is put in behind the cut-outs and the entire unit is revolved to show all sides. Reaching into the illusion the magician removes six feather bouquets, one at a time. Then, upon removing the front panel, a much larger bouquet has bloomed inside. When this is removed, behind it sits the magicianís daughter who stands up and steps out as the front of the prop is removed. Together they take their bows! This is an easy-to-build illusion that can be performed in the round. By simply changing the measurements this prop can easily be built to produce a full grown assistant. We give you all the details !


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