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Crushing a Girl

The legendary PT Selbit invented the crushing concept and illusion in the fall of 1923. It was also named "The Fourth Dimension" and "Avoiding the Crush." Dante, Thurston and others performed the illusion, each adding their own personal touches. The basic version featured two assistants in two separate boxes. They are raised above a table on which a third assistant lies. A topless, bottomless box is placed around her and two open front doors proves that she is, in fact, reclining on the thin table. The doors are closed as the 2 assistant-occupied boxes are lowered into her space. She has mysteriously vanished to avoid being crushed. The front doors of all three boxes are opened and she is nowhere to be found. All is reversed and she makes her reappearance. This is a plan of this old masterís classic. Itís great research and is still a fooler even today!......... $27.50 plus shipping.