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Cutting A Girl in 6ths

This standard of magic has always been a fooler as invented by Glen Babbs (Arturo). An upright Oriental cabinet is shown and opened. Your lovely assistant steps in and a leather collar is attached to her neck. Running from each side of the strap are chains that are next brought through two holes in each side of the cabinet. These chains are then secured by two locks that now lock the girl in place. The front door is closed and secured. Vicious steel blades are then introduced and proven to be solid. One by one the blades are inserted into the cabinet, seemingly dividing the young lady into six equal sections. The box is rotated to show all sides and the locks remain intact proving that she has not, and cannot, move. Quickly now, the blades are removed, the door is opened and the girl is seen standing in her original position, totally unharmed. Her neck strap is unlocked, freeing her to step out to all the applause. We give you everything, including the detail on the strap and the front dragon design. For a more themed version of this you might want to check out our plans for the Queen’s Cut………….$27.50


Cutting A Girl in 6ths E-Plan eplan47$37.50