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Dagger Chest

A spectator is chosen from the audience to assist in this illusion. A small box is put around her head and she is sealed within. As she holds the box around her head, you show 20 small daggers and immediately begin to insert them into the box (and her head?) from all angles. How could these daggers have not harmed her? Easy. Her head has vanished and, to prove it, the front panel is removed and the box is empty! A view can be seen all the way to the back of the box. All is reversed and she is unharmed after all. This easy-to-build prop can be made over a weekend out of inexpensive scrap lumber. There is no black art involved. In fact, the chest is lined with a light colored fabric. For the beginning illusion builder, this is the ideal illusion to fabricate and perform. You won't find this plan anywhere else.


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