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"Perhaps you have heard about magicians sawing women in half. Well I am going to do better than that, but I’ll need some help from a few of the old masters." An elongated box resting on a thin platform is wheeled out. The box is divided into four smaller boxes, each box is hinged to fold back. Once done, the magician’s assistant is introduced and lays on the table. Chained leather straps are secured on her neck and ankles and locked to the bottom platform. Her hands remain in view extending out of box number two. A series of famous old masters poster cards are shown and slid through the illusion, seemingly cutting the girl within into four equal pieces. Swords are thrust into the top of each box and the three poster cards are again slid between each box. Her hands move, yet she must be cut into four pieces. Once the poster cards and swords are removed, she is shown to be in one piece and survived the ordeal! This illusion is the creation of Ed Stovall and it was initially built by Joe Irving in the early fifties. The illusion was called “Divided in Four" and featured a giant ax that was slid between the boxes. Mac Birch performed it as did countless others with various themes from giant playing cards to knights shields and swords for a Renaissance look. This is our version with swords and magic posters……$29.00 + shipping.


Disheveled - EPlan DISEP$39.00