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Dream of a Coolie

More than just an illusion, this is a complete magic playlet conceived by Theo Bamberg. The effect begins with a very large upright pagoda that four Oriental tea chests are stacked within, one on top of the other. These tea chests are removed from the cabinet and put on a small platform. A Coolie is then introduced and steps within the pagoda where the chests once were and the front door is closed. Then a square tube-like canopy is lowered over the tea chests. With a magical pass the magician causes the two to switch places. The Coolie is now revealed to be where the tea chests were and in the pagoda is the stack of four tea chests. This is a beautifully themed illusion that lends itself to a storyline that is unique to your own style of performing. We give you all the details including full sized sections explaining the construction of this most unique, historic and seldom seen illusion.


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