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The Electric Chair

A classic side show presentation that is great for carnivals or the Halloween season. You can make a complete show out of this one prop. "Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, and meet Volta, the electric lady! That's right, her body carries more electricity than a city power plant. As a small child she was struck by lightening and she retained the charge!" To prove the validy of his statements, the host has the woman sit in an electric chair. It is turned on and she lives through the demonstration. To further prove her powers, she is able to light a neon or fluorescent bulb. She also lights a torch with a spark from her finger, even a normal household bulb is lit when held by this freak of nature! Our electric chair works on a very low amperage, thanks to a neon tester. We give you full details of where to locate this tester. The voltage does all the work while the low amperage is completely safe. We give you all the building plans, script ideas and electrical requirements for this entertaining and safe illusion.


The Electric Chair E-Plan eplan60$37.50