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Electric Maiden

This exceptional illusion is the brainchild of the late Alan Wakeling, one of the most creative and fertile minds in magic. The effect is most baffling: An upright cabinet is displayed that is divided into two distinct sections. One section is filled with 10 light bulbs. The other section is just large enough to hold the magician’s assistant. She is introduced and takes her position in the empty section of the cabinet facing the bulbs. A milk white plexi glass panel is put into place to briefly hide her. This panel features a small opening that allows the girl to extend her hand, proving that she remains in the cabinet, although not completely seen. With a sudden and unexpected thrust, the magician pushes the 10 illuminated spikes into her side of the cabinet. Their glow can be seen through the plexi as this panel is quickly removed, proving she has vanished completely and the bulbs fill her compartment! All is reversed and, when the front panel is again removed after the bulbs have been pulled back into position out of the other compartment, she has reappeared and steps out to take a well-deserved bow. This illusion is much easier to construct than the Lightbulb Girl, yet has the same dynamic effect in the audience’s eyes. Our plan shows you how this outfit can be built using Showcase bulbs, neon tubes or aluminum spikes. We give you all the details to build this spectacular prop…$27.50


Electric Maiden E-Plan ELECMEP$37.50