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Enchanted Doorway

This easy-to-build illusion is perfect for the trade show performer who needs to make a CEO appear for a meeting or convention. The effect is simple. Our picture tells the story. A doorway sitting in a frame is introduced. The door is opened and a curtain is seen in the doorway. The curtain is pulled back and the frame is clearly empty. Nothing is within the doorway. The curtain is again pulled across the opening and the door is closed. With a snap of his fingers, the magician opens the door and there stands the executive, a beautiful assistant, Santa, or whomever you wish. This is one of the easiest and quickest illusions to build and it's simple to perform. We give you the design of a traditional door as pictured, but you can add a logo or message as you see fit.


Enchanted Doorway E-Plan eplan61$37.50