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Fire Cage

This fast paced illusion is perfect for today's audience! The effect is simple and straightforward. A small cage is shown empty. With a dramatic gesture from the magician, the cage bursts into flames, the front door is closed, a drape is pulled over and, with no hesitation, the drape is thrown aside and up stands your beautiful assistant in place of the flames! It literally happens in an instant and the girl appears to be much too large to have been hidden anywhere in the cage. The Fire Cage makes an excellent illusion by itself or, in conjunction with a vanish, you can make your girl reappear in this illusion. We give you all the details to fabricate the cage, the cloth and add the propane system. We also give you a simplified form of ignition to add to the cage, should you choose to do so. Two pages plus instructions.


Fire Cage E-Plan eplan62$39.00