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Flaming Pyramid

Based on an idea from Roy Huston, this is no longer just an illusion, but a complete act! A mysterious pyramid sits alone on stage accompanied by far away music. The magician enters with his assistant. The top of the pyramid is removed and the young lady is invited to step into the pyramid. Being a snug fit, she is seen to work her way into the small structure. The lid is put on top and Egyptian-style staffs are inserted into all four sides and the unit is rotated to show from every viewpoint. The staffs are removed, as is the top, and another staff is poked down into the open top of the pyamid. A cloth is draped over the illusion and the magician steps down into the center of the pyramid. Where is she? To further prove her disappearance, the magician steps into the center of the illusion! Stepping out and taking the cloth with him, the magician then replaces the top and rotates the prop to prove that she is not hiding outside the prop.. The top is then removed and a torch is applied to the interior and a flame bursts forth. The blaze is quickly extinguished by replacing the top. A magical pass is made, the top again removed, and out steps the young lady. She bows and exits. But wait, thereís more!... With the top removed, the entire pyramid is tipped forward, allowing the entire audience to see within. The structure is tipped back in place and with the magicianís single clap of the hands, out pops a second young lady!..........$27.50 plus shipping


Flaming Pyramid E-Plan FLMPRYEP$37.50