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Two cabinets sit on the stage. Both are identical and have an open grill-work front and back, allowing the audience to see through both containers. Your assistant enters cabinet #1 and a roller shade is pulled down. A light is turned on inside and her shadow is seen. She then walks out and over to cabinet #2. As before, a shade is pulled down and her shadow is seen. A magical gesture is made and her shadow travels from cabinet #2 to cabinet #1 and then back again. Many sucker opportunities exist as she materializes in shadow form from one cabinet to another. Finally, she emerges once again from cabinet #1. Great performance possibilities exist with this classic Floyd Thayer illusion. Even a wrist watch can be borrowed or an identifying mark can be put on her arm to prove that it's the same girl used throughout. We have updated the Thayer plans to give you more details and construction ideas. Whether you decide to build these props or not, as a student of illusion, this plan is a must for your library. Also, check out our Laser Flyto plan to give you another twist on this great effect.


Flyto E-Plan eplan65$37.50