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Girl In The Fishbowl

"Step right up and meet the smallest attraction on the Midway! That's right, meet the little lady that is so tiny, so small, so infinitesimal that she lives in a fishbowl. She could sit in the palm of your hand! She'll wave at you, and even talk to you!"

This is what you might have heard if you were walking down the Midway years ago, or looking in a department store window. This great illusion has been updated to eliminate the "lens" method and is now easy to build with common materials. The effect is simple and straightforward: A tiny girl appears to be resting within a fishbowl that sits atop a bookcase. We give you all the details you need to fabricate this illusion and, as a plus, we will provide another version by U.F. Grant in his words and drawings. This is an easy to build spectacular side show styled illusion that will draw a crowd wherever it is.


Girl in the Fishbowl E-Plan eplan69$37.50