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Haunted Doll House

On the stage sits a small children's doll house, but this version has a touch of evil, it has that old haunted house look to it. The front doors are slowly opened to show old, run down doll furniture, (some has miniature drops of blood on it) that is removed and handed to an assistant. The empty house is closed up, rotated and when it is opened again, a small voodoo doll has appeared. This doll is removed, the house is rotated again and when opened this time, yet another larger, evil Victorian blood drenched doll is found. Again, the house is rotated and this time the roof bursts open and out steps a real ghost, ghoul or even Beetlejuice! This is an ideal illusion for Halloween or any Goth-styled illusion presentation. The plan is drawn to scale and includes all details to created this masterpiece of macabre!..................$27.50 plus shipping.