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The Hangman

This prop, unlike the Executioner’s Dream, is more straightforward in its design. Not theatrical looking, its appearance is that of an old wood hanging device, not magical at all. The effect is basically the same, however this prop is not quite as massive and features deceptive steps of a different nature that can be wheeled off stage.

The audience sees the bad guy taken up the steps of the gallows. A bag is thrown over him and the noose is put around his neck. Upon the magician’s command, a lever is pulled and the trap doors open, allowing the body to drop through them and swing in the wind. But wait, when the noose breaks free, the body falls to the ground, except, there is no body! The bag lays limp on the ground! It’s an astonishing vanish that could also feature a reappearance. This illusion is dramatic and perfect for any horror or Halloween performance. We send two fully detailed pages of plans plus explanations on building and performing….. $29.00


The Hangman E-Plan HMEP$39.00