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Executioner's Dream

Not to be confused with the Hangman Illusion, this was the version featured by the old masters like Sorcar, Virgil, Carter and Maurice Rooklyn. It's often called The Gallows Illusion. It's dramatic and grand! The illusion is not for everybody, but if you've got assistants, stage and storage space, maybe this is for you. In any event, this plan is a great research study. The magician is ceremoniously led up a series of steps leading to a hangman's rig. He is strung up as the drum roll begins. At the cymbal crash, the lever is pulled, the trap door opens...and only a limp, empty robe flutters to the ground. Instantly, the actor playing the part of the hangman removes his robe and, IT'S THE MAGICIAN! This is a spectacular illusion that requires a big stage and all the trappings. Our plan is beautifully drawn for the builder or the collector. No magic library is complete without this document.


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