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Head Cremation

Often called the Sacrificial Cremation, this illusion can be played in a serious vein or it can be played for laughs. In any event, it's a terrific prop that packs down small, but plays big. The effect is simple and straightforward: A volunteer from the audience is selected and asked to kneel behind a castered table. The table is rolled back and the volunteer's hands are locked to the table. Two tubes are shown to be empty, the smaller of the two tubes has an opening in the front. They are nested together and then placed over the spectator's head. A torch is lit and thrust into the tubes. Flames dart up and it appears as though the specatator's head is on fire. The exterior tube is removed and through a hole in the inner tube the spectator's grinning skull is seen. All is reversed and the spectator returns to his seat unharmed.


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