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The Illusion File

Buy the complete inventory of illusion plans and save almost 50%! Currently we have on file 184 plans drawn to scale covering every possible type of illusion ever created. Classic illusions, one-of-a-kind illusions and modern illusions are all included in this collection. With this file you will have the most extensive, unequaled library of illusion designs, fabrication and presentation. Nowhere else can you find this collection. They will come to you alphabetized in an Illusion Systems' file box, signed and dated with a complete listing of plans on the side. It's over 37 years in the documentation, research and design by Paul Osborne. Each plan is 15" x 20" and you can find a complete listing of our plans above. Only Illusion Systems has the complete file. Now, all of them can be yours at an unbeatable price. A $4,831.50 value, only $2,390.00 plus shipping and handling.