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Knife Her/Rod Thru Girl

This extremely visual prop has been re-designed by Paul Osborne to be easier to build and execute! Imagine throwing a knife at your assistant who holds a balloon. The knife pops the balloon, magically passes through the assistant and impales itself into the waiting target behind her! Thatís exactly what the audience think they see! We also include another easy to build illusion: ROD THROUGH GIRL Or should we say light saber through girl? Whether itís a steel rod or an illuminated light saber it is passed through the center of a girl! There is no bending and the rod or sabre is proved to pass through the center of the stocks We like the sabre best because it stays illuminated through the entire penetration. Thes plans give you all the details of these two great props plus a site that will enable you to find the coolest light sabers ever!.................................$27.50


Knife Her/Rod Thru Girl E-Plan knhethgie$37.50