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Life and Death

Probably the most disturbing illusion in magic, created by Recil Bordner of Abbott's Magic and featured by 'Ghostmaster' Bill Neff.

A young lady, talk show host, or CEO is asked to sit behind and within a peculiar 50's TV-looking device. The fun of this illusion is the funky Flash Gordon style of the prop. Their head is exposed within the framework. The magician slowly works the front controls and, painfully, the volunteer's head slowly melts away leaving just a hideous skull which is removed and shown to the audience as the volunteer sits decapitated. The skull is put back in place and the stage guest is brought back to the living. This is a one-of-a- kind prop that is great for Halloween. It can be performed up close and with no covering. The illusionette breaks down to fit in the smallest of cars and can be performed in any situation. This is a reputation builder. Two pages plus instructions.


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