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Little By Little

From the fertile mind of Robert Harbin comes this seldom seen illusion. On the stage sits an empty cabinet divided into two partitions just big enough to hold your assistant. She is introduced and steps into the left side of the prop. The magician shows three drawer-like boxes with no top, bottom or back. The first is put in the cabinet to cover the girl's ankles and feet. She inserts one foot through an opening in the box. The second box is put on top of the other box and covers her waist. A small door in the front is opened to reveal her midsection. The final box is put in the cabinet to cover her face and chest. Through a small opening in the box she is able to extend her fingers. She is now completely encased with the left side of the illusion. Immediately, six blades are inserted into the stack of three boxes; one in each top, one in each bottom. Her fingers and foot continue to move during the entire process and the middle door is opened to reveal her waist. Suddenly, the magician begins to restack the boxes, little by little, on the adjacent side in various configurations until, finally, they are re-stacked in the correct order. The blades and boxes are removed and she is revealed to be intact and in place in the right compartment. This baffling illusion is easy to build and can be presented up close and surrounded. Only Illusion Systems has the detailed plan and for more Harbin creations we also have the Zig Zag and Upside Down Girl or Topsy Turvy plans.


Little By Little E-Plan libylie$37.50