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The Lumberjack's Dream

If you are tired of the familiar Guillotine routine and want to present something new, this is it!

Imagine showing a simple wood framework with a real working hand saw resting within. The unit looks like it might have been used to saw logs. Below the saw is a hole in a framework. This framework is opened and the saw is shown to pass all the way down to the bottom of the frame. A volunteer is selected from the audience and his head is inserted into the frame. Once done, the magician begins to saw, slowly moving the tool down (as in our illustration) into and passing the volunteer’s neck, yet the volunteer remains unharmed and is free to happily leave the stage totally intact. This one of a kind illusion was created by Paul Osborne and features the excitement of the Guillotine or the Sawing a Woman in Half but has a totally unique method. It’s easy to build and all the information you need to construct this impressive prop can be found within our plan.


The Lumberjack's Dream E-Plan lumberjack$37.50