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Magical Doves #1

This is a wonderful dove routine that you can build and save hundreds of dollars while amazing your audience and letting them participate in the mystery. Make two doves appear in balloons and put them in a cage for all to see. The doves are then taken out of the cage and put in a decorative box. A spectator is selected to come and dismantle the box. When they do that there is no trace of the doves! Whaaatt?

This long forgotten effect is a real fooler. The doves are put in the chest, yet there is no way the audience member will find them, even on close examination of each side of the box. We have updated the look of the illusion by adding decorative modern metal diamond plate panels. This routine is a real reputation builder updated for the times! $27.50


Magical Doves #1 Eplan MGDV1EP289374475$37.50