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The Mini-Me Guillotine

What sets this effect far and above any arm choppers or guillotines is that this looks to be a replica of an actual guillotine, which leads to many scripting opportunities. For example, the magician could launch into a discussion about the history of the French Guillotine and explain that this is not a working model, but instead for demonstration purposes only. Then during the lecture, the magician inserts his hand in what would be the head hole, pulls on the release chain and WHOOPS, down comes the blade and the magician’s hand is lopped off and drops into the basket. This is a beautiful prop from the mind of Craig Beytien. It breaks in half for easy transport and looks just as deadly as its big brother, the Monster Guillotine. Our plans and instructions include photos of the actual prop and the full building details and the original presentation by Craig Beytien……..$27.50


Mini-Me Guillotine E-Plan migue$37.50