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Monster Guillotine

One of the most diabolical illusions ever created. Perhaps you saw Alice Cooper cut his own head off with this shocking prop during his "Welcome To My Nightmare" tour. It's a frightening illusion that will leave your audiences terrified as the magician or his assistant is locked into the stocks of a giant wooden guillotine. Above the stocks is hung a solid steel blade that was earlier proven to pass through the stocks, cutting a head of lettuce in half. Although, when the blade is dropped, the audience may feel that it's not going to do any harm, the blade passes through the stocks and the head is seen to fall in the basket and the body falls limp onto the platform. The curtains are closed. This is much different than our French Guillotine or Head Chopper plans in that the illusion of decapitation is very realistic. It's ideal for Halloween, spook shows or rock concerts. Two pages plus instructions.


Monster Guillotine E-Plan mogue$39.00