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The Mummy Wagon

If you have ever seen one of our theme park Halloween shows, then you probably saw this prop. Itís a great throw-away gag that we used as misdirection or just for a laugh. Itís an old concept that we adapted for Halloween. The rotten, decayed mummy theme is a logical solution for being pulled apart. When this prop is utilized on stage you can sneak an elephant into a box and nobody will bust you, they will watch this! The effect is simple-a mummy is seen pushing out a cart of spare monster parts, arms, legs, heads, etc.. All of a sudden, the host of the show reaches over and tears the mummy in half as the bottom part runs away with the cart. We give you all the details to quickly construct this fun prop!......$27.50 plus shipping. EPlan $37.50.


Mummy Wagon E-Plan Mumwagep$37.50