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Mysteries of the Duck #2

The magician introduces his duck buddy and announces that he is very versatile. To prove this he displays an odd looking machine that sits atop a table. The top door of the machine is opened and the duck is put inside. Then slowly, the side crank is turned and out through the front rollers comes a flattened duck! Quickly a bucket is shown to be completely empty with audience members allowed to reach inside. The lid is closed on the bucket and the magician shows the flat duck one last time. Then, in the bucket it goes, a magical pass, and out pops the real live, living duck! We give you all the details to build these props including two versions of the bucket. One is the traditional bucket. The other is a much simpler version to build. This is an act in and of itself. If you chose to build and perform this mystery or our #1 version, remember to not repeat it in slow motion to Chariots of Fire-itís been done. Also, no bow ties please.


Mysteries of the Duck #2 E-Plan myofdu2e$37.50