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The Mystery of Sausage

• Written and illustrated by Paul Osborne • Foreword by ventriloquist Jay Johnson. Finally, detailed answers to all (well, almost all) of life's most puzzling complexities. This new book from Paul Osborne explains everything from driving in America, to how to find the perfect burger, what’s wrong with Mount Rushmore, how to fix American Idol, how to cheat at golf, or win at NASCAR by following his intricately drawn blueprint diagrams.

Magicians will love the explanations of Houdini’s straight jacket escape and Copperfield’s vanishing Statue of Liberty as well as revealing blueprints of the Sawing a Woman in Half, Floating Lady, Sword Cabinet and Hindu Rope Mystery. It’s a great book to share with your “laymen” friends who want to know how things are done!........................ $12.00 plus shipping.