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The Mystery of Three

This sleeper of an illusion is seldom seen, which makes it a good one for you to perform. A simple, three-sided open cabinet is displayed. It's innocent enough. Three giant cards are brought on stage; an Ace of Spades, an Ace of Diamonds and a Queen of Hearts. One at a time they are shown on both sides and locked in position onto the empty framework, forming a three-sided cabinet. The cabinet is rotated to show all sides. A magical pass is made, and when the cards are removed, standing in the center of the framework is a living, breathing Queen of Hearts and the Queen of Hearts card has no face. She has come alive and stepped off of the card! It's a quick and easy prop to build and we give you all the details, including the scaled designs for the face of each card.


The Mystery of Three E-Plan myofthe$37.50