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PaperDoll Illusion

Just right for today’s steampunk generation, the PaperDoll illusion can be an entire act, not just a prop. The presentation first makes a dove or rabbit flat by pushing them through two rollers on the side of a very unusual looking machine as a wheel crank is turned. This flattened pet is dropped into the machine. A tire pump is introduced and attached to the illusion. The magician begins pumping and when the doors are opened the animal is again living, breathing, and in good shape. Next, the magician’s beautiful assistant steps into the prop, a wheel is turned, the rollers turn and out comes a flattened paper doll version of his assistant through those two rollers. The three doors of the contraption are opened to prove it unmistakably empty. Nowhere to hide! After kissing and apologizing to the paper doll, the performer puts its lifeless flat cut-out back into the machine. Again, the pump is attached and the magician begins pumping and pumping until the front door flies open and out pops his living and breathing assistant, none the worse for the wear! This all new design by Paul Osborne brings this classic illusion originally created by John Good up to date with a few added touches that make it more than just an illusion. We give you every detail drawn to scale with building and performing tips …………………… $27.50


PaperDoll Illusion E-Plan pprdlE$37.50