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Satan's Seat

One of Tom Palmer’s most distinctive creations, this flash appearance is like no other! On the stage sits a devilish-looking throne chair, all by itself and unoccupied. The music begins and at the crescendo, there is a giant puff of smoke and suddenly, sitting in the chair, is the magician. A true magical appearance that happens within the blink of an eye. The illusion was featured in the Broadway show, Merlin starring Doug Henning and built by Wellington Enterprises.

Our plan includes improvements made by Paul Osborne, who worked on the initial prop with Palmer. We also give you plans for a flash platform that the chair can sit on behind a custom built flash pot. There is no black art involved and we show you how to perform it in a three quarter seating situation. For historical purposes we also include Palmer’s original drawings and description of the prop…..$27.50


Satan's Seat E-Plan SastEP$37.50