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Seeing Through A Woman

This most effective illusion has been featured in side shows and carnivals for years. It has even been featured as a window display to call attention to department stores sales, etc. It's also ideal for school carnivals or traveling shows to get publicity. The illusion is perfect. What viewers see is a woman encased in a cabinet from the waist up and from the hips down, but in the middle - nothing! There are no false body parts. She is free to speak with the public, wiggle her toes and wave goodbye. To prove that there is no middle, six lightbulbs illuminate the vacant center position. It's a real mindbender! We have updated this classic side show illusion to be a nicer looking cabinet and presentation. Our detailed plans allow you to break this prop down so that it will fit in the back of an SUV and set up quickly. Also included with our plans is a basic script that would typically go along with this prop.


Seeing Through A Woman E-Plan sethwoe$37.50