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Slick Post Illusion

A small illusion that plays big, the slick post illusion is a mystery and an escape. The effect is simple and straightforward. Your assistant stands against an upright post. Ropes are doubled and tied around her neck, waist, knees and ankles. A rope is then tied to the top of the post and brought down through the other ropes and tied to each. She is rendered helpless against the post yet, with a clap of the hands or a gunshot, the ropes fall to the ground and within an instant, she is free. This easy-to-build illusion is completely covered in our simple to understand plan. You can build this prop within a weekend, for very little money, and perform it the next night. It's a real fooler that is easy to build and easy to perform.


Slick Post Illusion E-Plan slpoile$37.50