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Super Suspension

This has to be one of the most utilitarian props you'll ever own. As you hypnotize your assistant, she is laid to rest on the beautiful Egyptian alter, slowly and carefully the side braces are removed. The center drape is lifted up to reveal that she is, in fact, resting in the air, SUSPENDED WITHOUT A TRACE OF SUPPORT. At this point you are free to run a solid hoop completely around her to prove the absence of any wires or mirrors. All is reversed and your assistant is removed from the alter to promptly accept her well deserved bows. Our plan on this one is bound to be a collector's item. The design of the alter elements just looks magical. We give you all the information to accurately build this classic of magic. You can't do this surrounded, but you can perform it outdoors and it's great for that photo of you floating the gal in your local newspaper.


Super Suspension E-Plan susue$37.50